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Starlink is a satellite network developed by private spaceflight company, SpaceX, in order to provide low-cost internet to remote locations. Space Mesh are a independent UK based installation company providing Starlink Installation Reading.

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Starlink Installation services

How does Starlink installation Reading work?

Satellite internet works by sending information through the vacuum of space, rather than sending signals through electric cables, and reportedly travels 47% faster than in fiber-optic cables. An individual Starlink satellite will work alongside four others in its nearby network, in order to provide a reliable connection. Because of this, a vast network of satellites need to be orbiting the globe, in order for the coverage to be widespread.

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Starlink Installation

How is Starlink installed in Reading?

Once you have placed your order for your Starlink device, a member of our friendly team will be in contact with you to organise an installation appointment. Space Mesh offer a 10 day lead time from the point of order to installation depending on delivery times. However, the process does tend to only take around seven days on average. 

There are multiple different ways that Starlink can be installed, depending on your personal requirements. Once you have received your Starlink device, our team will fit the dish to the outside of your property. The dish will then connect straight to your new Starlink wireless router. 

If you are having an external antenna fitted, then our engineer will need to fit this to an outside wall. This is normally done with a bracket and requires four fixing holes. Our engineer will also need to drill a hole through your wall, in order to bring the cable down from the antenna. This will all be explained to you on the day and our engineer will also ensure that everything is water tight for you. 

Standard installations generally take around two hours to complete. Once this has been done, your engineer will show you the system working, in order to make sure that you are satisfied with your new Starlink Installation Reading. 

How much will Starlink installation Reading cost?

Prices starting from £189

To have Starlink installed, there is a fixed installation fee of £189.00 which cover all your installation and equipment. No need to order additional bracket as we provide all the man power and tools necessary.

Please check your coverage before ordering your starlink installation Reading.

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Starlink are now delivering satellites domestically and internationally which are available to order on their website. Their expansion will continue to rise to near global coverage of the populated world in 2021.

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Frequently Ask Questions

Standard installations normally are completed in 2 hours by our engineers.

Yes, if you are having an external antenna fitted we will need to fit this to a outside wall. Normally using a bracket which needs 4 fixing holes to hold the bracket.

Yes, again if you are having an external antenna fitted we would need to drill a hole through your wall to bring the cable down from the antenna inside your property to connect to the Starlink wireless router. Our friendly engineer will explain this to you on the day and will also make sure that when he leaves everything is made water tight.

Before our engineer leaves your property, your new fast broadband service will be up and running and he will make sure that he has confirmed that you are happy with the new service.

For some properties this may well be the case but if you do live in a larger property or if you know that the structure of you property is more dense than normal than please advise our sales agent so they can advise you on our different range of products to make sure that you can receive a fantastic Wi-Fi signal around the whole of your property.